Family owned and Operated

Arbor Source does its best to save as many trees as possible. Trees are a living investment that only grow in value. We strive to never need costly removal; rather provide trees the health and support needed to defend themselves against harmful elements. Our reputation is based on safety, quality and customer care regardless of how big or small the job. 


Get to Know Our Staff


I was given the opportunity and privilege to watch this company and its employees grow and learn about the awesome power of nature. I am now able to use my experience and knowledge to help save our most precious resource. 


Hi, I am a technician at Arbor Source. I recently got out of the Army and decided to dedicate myself to creating a better life for my wife and son. I found that I love working with trees and spending my time helping nature. One day I hope that my son will learn to appreciate outdoors and all the awesome things trees do for us too.


I have always been an advocate for the environment. After having my son I struggled to find where I fit as a new mother. God placed Arbor Source in my life and gave me the chance to help others save our trees too, while working from home to be with my new baby. I feel blessed everyday to reach people and encourage them to have the same passion to save the trees that I do. 



My technical role with ASTE is bookkeeping. My mission and PASSION with ASTE is helping this business save as many of our trees and God’s creation as possible. Prior to this my professional background involved 30 years in the mortgage banking industry.  My favorite hobby is escaping to parks and lakes with my husband in our RV.  I have always loved everything about nature and especially the beauty and majesty of large trees.  What a blessing it is for me to be involved in an employee-owned business that cares for trees and shrubs and the employees are my children!  We strive to earn your trust in caring for an often overlooked, but very important, long term asset to your home and community.

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What do we use?

Arbor Source always has your tree and environments best interest at heart. 

Our company has been working with Harrell's for 5 years to provide our customers with the safest, yet effective products on the market. 

We keep up to date with the newest technology and products out and will always dedicate ourselves in providing the best options for our customers and their living investments.