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Fall into Spring Prep!

Hello Tree and shrub lovers!

Some helpful information and tips for beneficial treatments in the Fall that will help winterize your trees and shrubs and give them that jump start needed in the Spring. As your trees and shrubs start preparing for colder months it can help to apply a fertilizer/insecticide mix with lower nitrogen and more balanced nutrients through deeproot fertilization. This will bolster their ability to survive the colder temps. Then as things thaw out, a spring treatment with higher nitrogen will serve to bring them back to life in a BIG way!!

Our arborist can come out, assess your trees and shrubs, apply a treatment that will prepare them as they go into dormancy in the winter months but also make them more susceptable to a spring treatment. This is a great way to insure the health of your natural assets through the year!

If interested please reach out at and request an appointment. You can also text or call (832) 671-0331 we will be happy to assist.

Here's to a Fantastic Fall leading into a Superfulous Spring!!

Your Tree & Shrub Partners for Life at Arbor Source Tree Experts

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