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Woodpile Do’s and Don’ts

Many of us enjoy a blazing fire either in the indoor fireplace or an outdoor fire pit. However the woodpile used to fuel that blaze can act as a home or hiding place for many unwanted guests such as rodents, snakes and insects. Here are a few tips to improve your woodpile experience and reduce the risk of exposing your yard, trees and home to these pesky critters.


  1. Always keep the woodpile from direct contact with the ground. Raise it up on concrete blocks, bricks or a metal structure.

  2. Maintain a good distance from your home. At least 20’ will reduce the risk of pests migrating to the house.

  3. Keep the wood dry. Pests are less likely to be attracted to dry wood. So keep it covered either with a solid structure roof or a secured tarp.

  4. Follow the FIFO method of usage. First In First Out will help keep the woodpile rotated regularly discouraging unwanted guests taking up long term residency.

  5. Carefully inspect the wood before bringing in the house. Shake or knock the piece together to remove small spiders or insects hiding inside.

  6. Burn the wood immediately when brought in the house. Some insects are hiding out especially in the cold months and they will come out in the warm house.


  1. Spray the pile with insecticide. It is ineffective against the insects living inside the wood. The pesticide can also be harmful when burned.

  2. Acquire the wood non-locally. Bringing wood from other locations could introduce new species to your area.

  3. Store firewood indoors. This can bring pests inside your house.


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